From La Patagonia to la Hamaca Hostel, producing beer as their “gasoline”

From Patagonia to San Pedro Sula, The brothers: Federico and Luca, embarked on a journey that has lasted more than two years, in which they have delighted demanding palates with what they do best after traveling: ARTISAN BEER.

Their house and mobile brewery, is very particular, a 1964 brand Bedford bus, which took 1 year to modify it to turn it into his home and workshop for the adventures to come and that now has countless memories of those places that have visited in two years throughout Latin America and of course La Hamaca Hostel could not be left behind and be part of this story.

From coast to coast in the south, born in Mendoza but living in La Patagonia left their beloved Argentina to the coast of Uruguay riding with a giant with a badge that says “El Bolsón de Patagonia” to Brazil and so continue their journey.


The sale of beer is their livelihood to continue traveling, learning from other breweries, and keep moving forward with a dream in mind, to watch the 2018 World Cup of Russia.- So they arrive in Honduras, looking for the best place to park their so famous Beer and meet people, and thanks to several recommendations from different guests who have passed through our Hostel, they decided not to keep looking and contact us immediately. Our response speed as we naturally do with each of our guests, made it easier to find, and our staff is always attentive to give the most accurate information and the best tips on how to get from any destination in Central America to us.

Definitely, this has been a satisfying story for both sides, the kids are comfortable and happy to belong to the family of La Hamaca, doing different free workshops on how to make beer and even how to set up a microbrewery for those who venture to elaborate from now on. their own recipes. – We have tasted 3 different creations of their exquisite beers: Pale Ale, Red Pale Ale, and Pale Ale flavored with Chile and they have not disappointed us, a handmade product, with 100% natural ingredients, of good flavor and body more the combination of our home and bar atmosphere that, therefore, has been a celebration of a mixture of cultures and good times as only in our Hostel can offer.

These brothers will continue their journey along the north coast of Honduras, looking for new places to keep making beer and knowing more about our beautiful country.
To see more about your project you can follow them on Instagram like @motorbar.

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