Honduras travel and coronavirus: Everything you need to know

Similar to other nations globally, Honduras had been on lockdown due to Covid-19, forcing hotels and restaurants to temporarily close their doors and putting pre-booked tours on holds, such as diving and snorkeling trips, and excursions to Mayan ruins. Honduras … Read More

honduran dishes

TOP 10: Foods to try in Honduras

Top 10: Foods to try in Honduras The Honduran Gastronomy is quite varied since it has pre-Hispanic, Spanish, Creole and African influence as is typical of the Central American Atlantic coast. Our cuisine is heavily based on beans, corn, and … Read More

Roatán Electronic Experience Festival R.E.E.F

As known, Roatán is the most highlighted destination in Honduras, worldwide. Located in the Caribbean, Roatan is one of the three islands that make up the Bay Islands and is the second largest of these. The perfect setting for one … Read More

How to get to Pulhapanzak

How to get to Pulhapanzak, DND Brewery & Lake Yojoa

How to get to Pulhapanzak, D&D Brewery and Lake Yojoa. Just an hour south of The Hostel is one of Central America´s premier spots- Lake Yojoa, the largest lake in Honduras with a surface area of 79 square kilometers, it lies in a depression … Read More

From La Patagonia to la Hamaca Hostel, producing beer as their “gasoline”

From Patagonia to San Pedro Sula, The brothers: Federico and Luca, embarked on a journey that has lasted more than two years, in which they have delighted demanding palates with what they do best after traveling: ARTISAN BEER. Their house … Read More

TOP 10: Beaches in Honduras

There are hundreds of beaches to choose from in Honduras, with823 km of coastline divided between the Caribbean Sea (669 km) and the Pacific (163 km) its coastline and islands, where the sand can be either pearly white with turquoise waters … Read More

Feria Juniana Carnival in San Pedro

San Pedro Sula is the second most important city in Honduras, founded as such on June 27, 1536, but its anniversary is celebrated the 28th because it is the day of its patron saint SAN PEDRO and the etymological origin … Read More

TOP 10: Things to do in Copán

  Top 10 things to do Copan Ruins Copan is a charming travel destination, with a variety of hotels, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops with services catering to everything from the budget traveler looking for a hostel, to upscale travelers. … Read More

TOP 10: Things to do in San Pedro Sula

Top 10 things to do: San Pedro Little is known about San Pedro Sula, because it is considered a “pass through city”, for short term visitors or a ” dangerous” place to be at. Like every big city, there are … Read More

How to get to Utila - La Hamaca Hostel

How to get to Utila

  How to get to Utila from La Hamaca, San Pedro Sula Option 1 – Ferry Via La Ceiba, every day. Fastest route Less expensive option Least number of changes Deluxe Catamaran Yacht 4 hours $25 or 600 HNL 9:00 … Read More

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